San Diego Staycation: Pechanga Resort & Casino


A friend once told me that you should always have at least 2 vacations that you’re planning or have booked. They doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be some long and expensive trip. It could simply be a day trip or long weekend to somewhere new. But the point is, to have something in the works to look forward to and to stretch your mind. There’s something about breaking your routine and seeing something new that is therapeutic.

With a brand new baby, I’m keeping our travel plans conservative. So a local staycation fits right in to my current season of life. About 30 minutes from where we live is Pechanga Resort & Casino. This was our first time to Pechanga and it did not disappoint. We specifically picked this spot because we heard it had an amazing kids pool area complete with waterslides. Beyond that, we didn’t know much else prior to arriving. What surprised us most was how beautiful the interior of the hotel and rooms were. It felt like we were in a high-end hotel in Las Vegas.

We sat poolside in a cabana by day, ordering drinks and food, even a little nap!

Vincent Di NinoComment