We're originally from San Diego, California where we managed to birth and raise three amazing little humans—Fox (1), Phoenix (3), Cash (6) in a beautiful home with all the fixings. The kids had a great life, Vinny had a good job, and we were generally a very happy bunch — but we felt that something was…well, missing. Long story short, after tons of self-reflection and consideration as to how we can grow to be better as family, and in turn, be a better influence to others around us, we decided to take a giant leap — we're calling this our “life cleanse.”

We sold ALL of our material possessions—our home, cars, clothing, luxury items, toys, everything— and underwent a complete lifestyle transformation to travel the world and live a more present, purposeful and intentional lifestyle. Soaking up experiences and learning from different cultures, one day at a time. 

We're also documenting the entire process and sharing it via our blog, instagram (http://instagram.com/raisingthefree) and youtube channel (http://youtube.com/raisingthefree) through high-quality photos and video content where we hope you'll follow along!