Help Keep Our Journey Going

We've created a way for us to keep this adventure going and also give back to all that support us.  Click the "become a patron!" link below to learn more about how you can help us.

Help us create better vlogs & purchase better cameras. Everything we do in the videos is self funded.  Vinny works remotely via his computer to keep this lifestyle going.  We love making our weekly videos, it's such a great way to share the experiences we encounter living abroad and to show our children a different way of life by choosing experiences over things. Our budget currently doesn't allow for us to upgrade our camera equipment to what we think we really need to capture these special moments in the best possible way. If we are able to raise these funds, we can experience & film so much more and share those moments as videos for everybody to enjoy. 

We are currently putting together a plan to upgrade our recording/documenting equipment.  It is our intention to enhance our content so that we can better capture our experiences to share with all of you. 

Our vision is to launch a social enterprise in the near future that will give back to the communities and cultures that we are interacting with during our journey.  If you would like to contribute to this movement, you're more than welcome to review our wishlist below and contribute to our cause.

Our Wishlist

Below is a list of what we hope to buy with your support.