How To: The Perfect Messy TopKnot


Most people don't know this about me, but before I was a Mom of three, I was hairstylist and makeup artist.  I absolutely love(d) making people look and feel beautiful.  So naturally I love feeling beautiful myself. After having children though, I quickly realized that its more challenging to find the time to make it happen.   So I learned to "prioritize" my beauty.  For me personally, makeup always "wins" over hair so you'll usually find me with a full face of makeup and a messy bun.   But just because my hair often takes a backseat that doesn't mean your hair can't be cute. It's really super simple and quick to achieve a stylish messy topknot.  

Here's the 5-step messy-bun look:

(Optional) Dry Shampoo - I often put dry shampoo in the roots to give it a little more volume an grit.

Step 1:  High Pony - Gather all of your hair and pull it into a high pony. Don't worry about making it perfect you're gonna mess it up in a minute.

Step 2:  Tease Your Pony - Tease all the way through from the base of the pony all the way to the end

Step 3: Wrap Your Pony Around - Once your pony is teased, take the end of your pony and wrap it around.  Leaving the ends out...securing with bobby pins.

Step 4:  Mess Up Your Bun - Grab and pull out some pieces.  This is where you can decide just how messy you want to be based on your personal preference.  

Step 5:  Hairspray - My favorite is Matrix Volume Rose because it has great hold without weighing your hair down.