Our Stay at Sedona Summit Resort by Diamond Resorts

We did a ton of research on Sedona family-friendly resorts and hotels before deciding to stay at Sedona Summit.  We wanted to find a place that offered the following:

  • Apartment-style rooms with a full kitchen so we could cook (and save $)
  • Great kid-friendly pool(s)
  • Activities on site
  • Central location to everything in Sedona
  • A modern/beautiful property

Sedona Summit checked all these boxes and more.

Their 2-bedroom suite has to be one of the nicest and most convenient rooms we've stayed in so far.  Make sure to check out our Instagram Story highlights on Sedona to see a full-tour of our 2 bedroom suite.  Needless to say, it was SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE.

The resort also offered a lot of on-site activities for the kids which made it great for the older ones when Fox had to nap.  They were able to keep entertained with nature hikes, fairy making, and other arts and crafts while little Foxy slept.

Our daily routine while in Sedona pretty much consisted of the following:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Eat Breakfast in our room
  3. Go on an adventure (hiking, Slide Rock, etc.)
  4. Come back for Fox to nap while Vinny takes Phoenix and Cash to the pool or an activity
  5. After Fox wakes up, get ready for dinner and go out to dinner
  6. Catch the sunset with the kids before heading home to bed