Weekend Getaway From San Diego to Arizona Grand Resort


As much as I’ve missed long-term travel, 2 months after giving birth to my 4th child, I wasn’t exactly ready for a huge adventure. Vinny and I decided that a 2 night getaway to a resort might be a good first test at traveling as a family again. We were looking for something fun and new for the kiddos but also something fairly easy on us parents. We also had the travel time to consider and so we looked for destinations that were no more than 6 hours away from San Diego. We had heard about Arizona Grand from a friend and that it had an AMAZING waterpark and after checking out their instagram ourselves, it seemed like the perfect spot for us.

The trip is about 5 and a half hours from San Diego. We decided to wake up early on Saturday and leave at 4am. We woke up the kids and threw the them in the car still in their PJs hoping they’d go back to sleep for a few more hours. That didn’t exactly pan out the way we wanted (because they were too excited), but fortunately everyone remained in good spirits and the drive went by fast.

We arrived at the hotel around noon and the lobby was very busy with people checking in. The check-in line was long but moved very fast and we only ended up waiting about 5 minutes before it was our turn. We were given a 1 bedroom suite in the “Sedona” building which was located right next to the water park. I’d definitely recommend staying in that building as the walk to the water park was very short and we were able to easily go back to our room for naps and lunch.

The trip was spent primarily at the water park all day until night. We really enjoyed the park as it was big enough to keep all the kids entertained, but not so big that you were worried about them getting lost. The park itself has a zero-entry wave pool, a lazy river, a kid pool, and 3 water slides.

Our room was very comfortable and it easily slept all 6 of us (we brought my mom along for a helping hand) plus the baby. We would definitely recommend this hotel for both its ability to please the kids as well as its overall affordability and we plan to return.