An Indigo Moon 1st Birthday For Fox



About Fox

It's no secret that Fox has been our "easiest" baby so far.  She's basically happy all the time and is so sweet and gentle.  She seems to be in no rush to grow up which is just fine with us since she's our last.  All parents are proud of their children, but the way I am proud of Fox is something that I never could have anticipated.  In her first year of life she has brought so much joy and happiness to so many people, but most importantly to complete strangers.  She's so generous with her affection and her smile is equally infectious and healing.  I have personally witnessed on several occasions how her smile can completely change someones disposition.  Vinny and I always say that Fox is "just happy to be here" and her outlook on the world reminds us that a simple smile or nice gesture can change someone's entire day.

Fox's middle name is Indigo and I loved the idea of incorporating that color into her birthday party.  The color reminded me of a midnight blue sky...which then lead me to an "Indigo Moon & Stars" themed party.

Planning a birthday party has always been a stressful endeavor for me because I'm such a extreme perfectionist/over-thinker.   Even when I've found something I love (like the perfect photo backdrop), I find myself continuing to hunt for something better.  With that being said, I had a pretty solid understanding of what I needed and what I didn't and I did my best to not over-obsess.  

The Venue

We decided to throw a party at a local venue (Brick + Laurel) because the space itself was already gorgeous top to bottom including brick walls and bohemian decor.  This made the decorating a whole lot easier. 


Having a range of kids from newborns to six year olds we knew we needed some entertainment. The hit of the party was our children's music teacher from Nightingale Music.  We hired her for 1 hour to entertain the children with sing-a-longs and instruments that they provided.  It was a total hit for all ages.  It also allowed the parents to sit back and have a few cocktails while the kiddos were entertained.

What did we ever do before Pinterest?

I really wanted to create a bohemian-lounge vibe.  I sent some inspo from pinterest over to a local furniture rental company, Witty Rentals, and from there they made the process SO EASY by sending me back photos of each piece that they thought I would love.   Witty Rentals is also great because I had the option to order as little or as much furniture as I wanted with no minimums.  Their furniture and suggestions definitely exceeded my vision.  


I'm also a huge fan of DIY.  Its a great way to stretch my budget and I love adding my own personal touches to the event.  One of the DIY projects I did for this party was the photo backdrop.  Backdrops are a big deal to me and I usually like to make them myself.  After a lot of searching for tapestries I realized the size of a shower curtain would be perfect (and cost-effective) if I could find the right pattern.  I ended up finding an Indigo Ombre Shower Curtain on that resembles the night sky.   Then from there I just made a crescent moon and stars out of cardboard and spray-painted them metallic silver and gold.

Below are some pics of some of the other DIY projects I did, feel free to message me with questions on any of them.

Food + Drink

We had the food catered by a local taco company which allowed me to focus more on the more important dessert.  We recently found out our oldest has food allergies so we made dairy-free and gluten-free "moon & stars" rice crispy treats because we didn't want him to feel left out.  I highly recommend this recipe as no one could taste the difference.   Another cute and creative idea was our Blueberry Moon Pies that were made in a single egg skillet.  I also came across some unbelievably unique geode sugar cookies by a local bakery Hey There Cupcake so I had them make Indigo colored geodes for the party.   

 In The End

Our favorite part of the party was watching Fox devour her smash cake.  Isn't it every parent's dream that their child just goes for it?  Our other two children never really touched their cakes but before we could finish singing happy birthday to Fox, she face-planted right into it!  Which of course made for the most amazing memories and photos.  And to be surrounded by all the people who love her the most made for a perfect day.




Flowers/Garland: Native Poppy

Signage: @kayyyjayyy