My Favorite Beauty Products


Hair, Skin & Body Products I can’t get enough of lately…

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, $25
An eye cream that's 100% natural and organic. It does exist. I've used hundreds of eye creams and this one by far is my fav because it truly de-puffs and brightens underneath the eye and even works well under makeup.  Oh, and did I mention, the coffee scent is perfect for waking up this tired mama.

Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask, $88

I have pretty sensitive skin and some masks can cause me to breakout.  Well not this one.  This mask goes on smooth and minty and smells absolutely amazing.  It brightens, smoothes, detoxifies, exfoliates, and dissolves congestion and to top it off its 100% organic. It may seem a bit pricey but I use it once a week and a little does go a long way.

Stranded Hair Powder, $26
This dry shampoo is perfect for that in-between day and I love that it comes in hair-matching colors.  It is free of dyes, sulfates, parabens and gluten which I love.  I usually put it on before bed letting the powder work to absorb oils or in the morning when its a bun day (which is almost everyday.)  I just sprinkle the powder into my hairline and go.

Beauty Counter Charcoal Cleansing Bar, $24
This has become an ultimate favorite of mine for two reasons.  

1.  I have very dry skin and with its hydrating coconut and organic green tea oils it detoxifies and absorbs impurities without drying out my skin.  My skin is left feeling clean without the dryness that other bars can cause. 

2.  I love the fact that its gentle enough to use on my face as well.

Cherry Honey Facial Scrub, $29
Its my fav because its gentle enough to use everyday but still effective.  When I am having a breakout I sometimes leave the scrub on my face and let the hydrating honey have a calming affect.  It also contains jojoba beans which exfoliate without scratching.  It smells like fresh honey and is also 100% organic.  

I wanna hear from all of you! What are your favs?