The 411 On Endermologie (Spoiler Alert: Its amazeballs)


How I found endermologie 

I first discovered Endermologie about 6 years ago. This was the time in our lives when we weren't yet married and had no children but unexpectedly found out we were expecting our first child, exactly 9 months before our planned wedding date.  No thank you. So long story short, we decided to postpone our wedding exactly 1 year...not realizing how much pressure this would end up putting on me to get back into shape in such a short time.  So there I was, a new mom, battling postpartum depression and anxiety and planning my dream wedding all while trying to fit into my size 4 wedding dress just10 months after having a baby.  Talk about putting the pressure on.  Not my best choice.  But the invites were out so it was happening!  On top of all that, while I was pregnant I had horrible edema.  You could literally see water under my skin. And no matter how hard I worked out I couldn't get rid of the lumpy water retention as well as some cellulite that I got for the first time ever!  I went to see a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to see what could be done and he ended up recommending endermologie. Even though I had never heard of this procedure before, I was desperate and would have tried anything.  I bought 10 sessions and drove up to LA two times a week for the treatments. Two sessions is all it took for me to be hooked.  I could already start to see a change.   After the 10th session it was like a miracle.. I saw the old me.. my butt and legs toned up and it tightened the loose skin on my tummy and smoothed out the dimples all over.  


Endermologie is based on a technique founded in the mid-1980s by Louis Paul Guitay in Valence, France. Mr. Guitay invented a method to help rehabilitate damaged muscle tissue and standardize physical therapy by providing precisely calibrated and consistent massage treatments. Over time, patients noticed an interesting side effect: an improvement in the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Endermologie is the world’s first patented technology to assist in the reduction of cellulite and free localized fat that is trapped below the skin. It is now internationally established with over 20,000 Endermologie centers around the world. In the U.S., Endermologie has received the only FDA clearance to be marketed as a cellulite treatment.

Endermologie is a non-surgical procedure, with a massage type feel, that stimulates the breakdown of fat and cellulite. A technician uses a machine to apply gentle pressure and suction to your skin. Sessions last between 35 – 40 minutes and are conducted once or twice per week until the client has reached a point of satisfaction (about 16-20 treatments). 

Benefits of Endermologie include:

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Reduces circumference of your problem body areas

  • Reshapes buttocks, thighs and abdomen

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Helps with muscle recovery after a workout

  • Relieves minor muscle and joint pain

  • Reduces pain caused from Fibromyalgia

  • Breaks down the formation of scar tissue 

  • Helps reduce edema 



My experience with Endermologie was great, but driving to LA for a treatment was not.  So I had to find a great option in San Diego. I was fortunate enough to discover Thighs By Design.  Their staff is very welcoming, friendly and I instantly felt comfortable there.  They also have an infared sauna which I love because it compliments the endermologie treatment perfectly by burning a ton of calories and so much more.  

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I think its important that I emphasize that although endermologie had an effective and immediate impact on my body, it is only intended to aid in your overall appearance.  Endermologie works in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.