La Jolla, CA Birthday Staycation


In recent years I’ve found myself wanting to keep my birthday simple.

When Vinny asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, all I knew is that I wanted to keep it intimate and easy. The baby was only a month old and the idea of doing anything extravagant or far away sounded daunting.

We chatted for awhile about some different options and ultimately decided that a hotel staycation would be the perfect amount of adventure and fun without being too strenuous. We started thinking about the numerous hotel and resort options here in San Diego and ultimately we came back to a hotel we had stayed at right before leaving on our big life cleanse travel adventure (Bali, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore) in 2017. Out of all the hotels we’ve ever stayed at in San Diego, La Jolla Shores Hotel has been our favorite.

There’s so many reasons to love this hotel but it’s our favorite for these reasons:

  1. Location - Its located on the beach of La Jolla Shores, which is our favorite family beach in San Diego.

  2. Playground - Across the street from the hotel is not only the beach, but an awesome playground and park for the kids.

  3. Swimming Pool - enough said.

  4. Complimentary - lounge chairs and umbrellas that they will set up for you on the beach

  5. Ocean Front Views - Since they’re beachfront, the views from the room are incredible.

  6. La Jolla Shores Neighborhood - Walking distance from the hotel are multiple restaurants and cafes with great food


Our Trip


We arrived at the hotel Sunday morning with very little planned. When you have a newborn and three young kiddos, we thought it best to keep expectations low. Plus, the kids were excited enough at the fact that we were staying in a hotel, that we really didn’t need to plan much more to keep them happy. We spent most the day by the pool and we ate lunch at The Shores Restaurant located right inside the hotel. We were pleased to see that they had multiple vegan options for us to choose from. After playing more at the pool, we headed up to the room to just sit back, relax, and take in the view. It was the perfect mellow day as a family.


The next day was my actual birthday and we pretty much did the same exact thing. Relax poolside, ordered some food and played. It was an easy, simple birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Side Note: The La Jolla Shores Hotel provides some great suggestions for things to do in and around the hotel, check it out here

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